A Start-Up Nevada Company is Committed to Slowing Global Warming Through the Worldwide Action of the Albedo Effect

MACOMA Environmental Technologies Corp. has set a giant and lucrative goal for a small company — to slow global warming through the worldwide action of the albedo effect.

“Albedo is an expression of the ability of surfaces to reflect sunlight (heat from the sun). Light-coloured surfaces return a large part of the sunrays back to the atmosphere (high albedo). Dark surfaces absorb the rays from the sun (low albedo).»

Norwegian Polar Institute:


Their approach involves using solar-reflective paint on structures and pavements in countries with hot and warm climates. By increasing the albedo effect, they aim to reduce the use of non-renewable energy, decrease hydrofluorocarbon emissions, and offset millions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).  For example, a 1000 ft² of a solar-reflective paint-coated roof offsets 28 tons of CO2, and these offsets will soon qualify for the voluntary Carbon market.

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