Cool Roofs for Itaembé Guazú development in Posadas, Misiones Argentina

“Itaembé Guazú” development is located 12 km from the center of Posadas, which concentrates the most significant commercial and institutional activity of the Province of Misiones, Argentina. The development is designed around the topography and natural hydrology of the area, preserving the streams that cross the property within the green spaces that constitute true urban parks. The infrastructure includes all the services for today’s modern cities. It is the first planned urban development of its size in Argentina. The urbanization is planned for approx. 12,000 households and over 50,000 residents. Each home has about 75 m2 of roof top, representing 900,000 m2 of cool roof. These buildings are not air conditioned and cool roofs are intended to provide significant improvement in indoor comfort.

Itaembé Guazú project was originated thanks to the vision of Eng. Carlos Rovira, leading the project Eng. Juan Carlos Pereira, Provincial Housing Authority in 2005. In 2021 the province signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) and MACOMA Environmental Technologies, a Nevada Corporation, and the first UNR start-up affiliate collaborating outside the USA, bringing innovative technology to reduce Urban Heat Islands. After a pilot program and learning the benefits of MACOMA Cool Roof paint, the Province of Misiones, the Ministry of Climate Change, and the Provincial Housing Authority (IPRODHA) signed an agreement with MACOMA Environmental Technologies to supply the reflective nano-paint for the Mitigation of Global Warming — aligned with the province’s goal of Negative Carbon and creating the “FIRST ISLAND OF COOL ROOFS ON SOCIAL HOUSING IN LATIN AMERICA”! Misones also has a goal to qualify the “Cool Roof Island” for Carbon Credits. The province of Misiones is working with a 3rd party certifying agency, Allcot, to qualify the project as a technical solution for offsets in the voluntary Carbon Credit market, 100m2 of cool roof surfaces offset 28 tons of CO2.

Itaembe Guazu Project started in 2009 with the vision to design sustainable homes for low-income community, implementing advanced technologies. The Itaembe Guazu cool roof is projected to start in May 2023 and plans to be completed by December 2024. The Province officials have been in support of the project from inception and throughout the years, even when federal support was not available.

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